The more discerning diner wants to know the provenance of the food on their plate and as farmers as well as restaurant owners we are committed to supporting our rural community by sourcing our produce as locally as possible. This philosophy means we strive to cook with the very best fresh, seasonal produce that has travelled limited ’food miles’.

All our meat is sourced from the Peterborough Game Company. Game is sourced from here on the farm or from other local shoots.

Fellow farmers from the village of Pidley provide us with potatoes, onions, asparagus, herbs, strawberries and honey. Flour, seed oils, free-range eggs and smoked products are sourced from Cambridgeshire.

Our seasonal menu captures the very best locally available produce and our food is prepared and cooked as fresh as possible with the emphasis on taste, presentation and good value. We are indebted to our suppliers who know that everything has to be at it’s best, regardless of price.